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Price increase… well a little one anyway!


Time for a Price Increase

Since I started the business as a part time venture in 2009 I have not had a price increase at all!  Obviously in those six years or so there has been a significant increase in occupancy and utility costs and the occasional tax bill (!) and as a result I have no real option but to increase my fees albeit a small net increase (see below)

The increase will not apply to multiple P.T. sessions per week or to full time students – these prices will remain the same but the new special conditions won’t apply to them as far as free sessions go.

How Much?

From July 1 2015, all services except multiple P.T. sessions and full time student bookings will increase by $10.  Did you know the recommended retail price for a 45 minute remedial massage treatment is $90?  If you go to endota spa etc you’ll pay $110!  The new price will be $70 for this service – still well below the normal price and from your feedback, well above the normal service level.  Plus with the new loyalty bonus there’ll be hardly any difference anyway.

Bonus Sessions

But if you’re a regular you’ll get a bonus!!!  Every tenth booking for a single booking will be free, so if you count your ten bookings the total cost will be just $30 more than now – that’s just a $3 increase per booking.   You won’t have to count (unless you want to check on me) or use a loyalty card – it will all be done automatically and I’ll let you know when your free one is coming.

You can combine P.T. and massage treatments, and if at least 50% of your massage treatments are extended massages your free one is too.  Whilst you can’t combine treatments with someone else to get your tenth free one, you can transfer your free one to someone else or have it as a gift certificate to give to anyone you please.

There are some other small changes to conditions, such as the free massage with multiple per week P.T. session being discontinued, and a new minimum fee for group P.T. participants for new groups from July 1.  The free P.T. sessions will now only apply to those signing up for multiple per week programs.

In Summary

From July 1 2015 all prices except multiple per week P.T. bookings and full time students will increase by $10.  Every 10th session will be free no matter what the sessions were.  The average total increase per session will be $3

My credit card provider has increased their pricing, and so I don’t have to pass the extra cost on, I’m changing providers from July 1.  This means that you’ll have to bring your credit card with you when you come as I can no longer store the numbers for future use (it’s probably safer too these days!)


Hello out there…

This is a blog page for my fitness and massage clients… feel free to ask questions or make suggestions of any kind.  The page will discuss topics to do with fitness sessions, fitness research, massage treatments and administrative questions about my services.

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About Fix Your Body…

Fix Your Body Fitness and Massage has been a part time business for the last five years.  I went full time July 1 2013!  Here’s some information about me…

Fix Your Body therapist and exercise professional Chris Sporton aims to provide a generally holistic approach to body maintenance through massage therapy and exercise by offering a service that treats muscular soreness through massage and looks at the cause of soft tissue injury, seeking to address muscular and dietary imbalances through exercise techniques and dietary advice and reward.

Fix Your Body is in it’s fifth year as a massage business, Chris having run a personal training business for many years. “I find it more rewarding to help people by immediately relieving pain where I can and offering solutions to long term soft tissue problems whether they be by treatment in the massage room or work in the fitness studio”

The ability to include exercise prescription as part of the massage service makes a huge difference in injury repair.